SPC-8100B 1U Rackmount Industrial PC with LS1046A ARM /CORTEX CPU

●  1U standard Rackmount multi-network ports Industrial PC

●  8*10/100/1000Mbps LAN,RJ-45 ports

●  Support NXP QorlQ LS1046A,Arm Cortex A72 4C 1.8GHz

●  Front panel support LCM monochrome display

●  Fanless, Low power consumption, Embedded design

●  110/220V AC/DC adaptive input, dual power supply

●  EMC4 level design verification

Items Specification
System CPU LS1046A Arm /Cortex A72 4C/1.8GHz
Storage HDD 2 x SATA3.0 ports, 512G SSD, Prototype onboard 16GB/8GB eMMC 4.5/5.0/5.1 Flash
Display LCM monochrome display, the resolution is not less than 216*64 pixels
I/O Front port 1 x USB2.0 port(1×5Pin Wafer leads)
Rear port 1 x Console(RJ45)

1 x 2Pin B code time synchronization interface

8 x RJ45

1 x USB2.0

1 x 2 DO relay output, 2 spare interface

1 x Pitch 5.08 7Pin Phoenix terminal power input interface (including power failure alarm contact)

Panel Indicator light 8 x LAN light

1 x System operating light RUN(green)

2 x Power light(green)

1 x Alarm light(red)

1 x Time abnormality light(red)

Environment Operating temperature -20℃~+60℃
Storage -40℃~+80℃
Humidity 40℃, relative humidity 5-85% (non-condensing)
Atmospheric pressure 70kPa~106kPa


482.6mm × 43.6mm × 360mm
Net weight About 5.5KGS(Excluding the weight of packaging and accessories)
Color Silver
Safety Meet GB4943
EMC GB 9254-2008 Radiation Disturbance (A) level

Conducted disturbance (A) level

GB/T 17626.2.2006 Electrostatic discharge (IV) level

GB/T 17626.4-2006 Impulse pulse group immunity (IV) level

GB/T 17626.5-2008 surge (impact) immunity (IV) level

GB/T 17626.6-2008 conducted immunity (III) level

GB/T 17626.12-1998 Oscillating wave immunity test (III) level

GB/T 17626.3-2006 radio frequency electromagnetic field radiation immunity (III) level

GB/T 17626.9-1998 Pulse magnetic field immunity (V) level

GB/T 17626.10-1998 Damped oscillation magnetic field immunity (V) level

GB/T 17626.8-2006 Power frequency magnetic field disturbance immunity (V) level

GB/T 17626.11-2008 Voltage sag, short-term interruption and voltage change test (can withstand the specified voltage sag 100%, duration 10ms)

Reliability MTBF≥50000h


Power characteristics Supports independent power supply of dual power supplies, any power supply interruption of any loop will not cause device failure or restart

DC power supply voltage: support 110V, 220V, allowable deviation -20%~+15%

DC power supply voltage ripple coefficient is less than 5%

AC power supply voltage: 220V, allowable deviation -20%~+15%

AC power frequency: 50Hz, allowable deviation ±5%

AC power waveform is sine wave, harmonic content is less than 5%

Power module power failure signal has hard contact output

Whole machine power consumption: 26.53W (standby state)

Whole machine power consumption: 32W (Run Stressapp 100%)

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