Industrial Automation

Our customers in general industrial automation use several different types of systems. Common to the variants mentioned below is that we can deliver the same system for several years, no costly changes to documentation need to be made.

Box PCs are small compact systems without a screen. Often used in special machines for various applications. Important things to consider are how the system is to be mounted, type of power supply and what computer performance the application requires.

A Panel PC is a system with a screen and some type of touch screen. The system is mounted in a panel or cabinet door alt. VESA mount. 24 VDC and 230VAC adapters simplify installation. More and less powerful systems depending on the application's requirements.

MS Windows, a number of different settings can be made to increase the reliability of the system. Automatic scheduled checkup control with restart to keep the system in top condition at all times.
VPN, The system can be delivered with a VPN app installed for easy access via Teamviewer.
Own OS image, we keep each customer's unique OS image on our server. Guarantees that every delivery takes place according to the customer's wishes.

BIOS set to cause the system to return to selected application after power failure, or other options that better suit the application area.
Customized front with the customer's own appearance, color, logo. No large volumes are required.

Service & Support
Serial number on the back of the systems leading to full traceability.
Spare parts are always available in Sweden
FAS Tech AB repairs and returns systems 3-4 days after we receive them

The 5-year warranty helps our customers control the total cost of the project. No other manufacturer offers an equivalent guarantee.

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